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About Me

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When I was in my teens my Mum taught me how to sew - by hand and using a sewing machine.  Thank you Mum!

In 2017  I moved to New Zealand with my hubbie and our 3 children.  In that first year here, while we all put our minds and hearts to settling down, I felt I needed to do something purposeful with my time while our children were at school.  I felt drawn to sewing and specifically to making teddy bears.....memory bears.

Family and friends have always been so important to me.  When my darling grandparents passed away I kept an item of their clothing.  Holding it close, still with the scent of them on it, I felt close to them.  I understand having a tangible momento of our precious loved ones is a comfort.

Making memory bears and other soft animals is what I love to do.  I am so touched that people trust me to take their loved ones' clothing and turn it into a precious keepsake for themselves and others.

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